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National Origin Discrimination-Jacksonville Lawyers

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The Jacksonville law firm of Magid & Williams represents employees with claims of unlawful discrimination and harassment based on national origin or ethnicity. Proof of national origin discrimination may be based on direct and/or circumstantial evidence. Direct evidence typically consists of comments that are made by a person who made or influenced the challenged decision that indicate the decision was motivated by national origin. This may include stereotypical comments, or slurs, insults or epithets related to national origin or ethnicity. Circumstantial evidence of national origin discrimination may include evidence that the reasons given for the termination or challenged decision are “pretext” – that the reasons are false and not credible. Circumstantial evidence may also include evidence that the employee was treated differently than other similarly situated employees who don’t have the same nationality, if the inconsistency cannot be reconciled.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as well as the Florida Civil Rights Act, prohibit covered employers from discriminating on the basis of national origin. Other laws may apply with regard to public employment. Those who believe that they may possibly have a claim for unlawful race discrimination should consult with the lawyers at Magid & Williams, PA.