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The Jacksonville law firm of Magid & Williams represents employees and executives in negotiating severance or separation agreements. Sometimes employees are presented with a proposed agreement before retaining counsel, and the law firm of Magid & Williams can assist you in reviewing such an agreement. The lawyers at Magid & Williams assist clients in negotiating more favorable terms to such agreements. Of course, this can be important since severance is needed for employees to “stay afloat” while searching for another job. Further, non-monetary provisions in severance agreements can be important when an employee’s livelihood and reputation are at stake. Severance agreements usually require employees to waive any right that they may otherwise have to pursue a legal claim against the employer. As such, it is important that employees are adequately compensated, and is important to have any such agreement reviewed by counsel before waiving one’s legal rights. Employees dealing with severance issues or separation agreements should consult with the lawyers at Magid & Williams, PA.